Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish is a talented blues guitarist and singer who is known for her dynamic and expressive playing style. While she is primarily known for her skills on the standard electric guitar, she has also gained recognition for her use of the cigar box guitar (CBG) in her music.

Fish has incorporated the CBG into her live performances and recordings, using the instrument to add a unique and rootsy flavor to her blues-rock sound. She has played a variety of CBGs, ranging from traditional three-string instruments to more elaborate designs with multiple strings and pickups.

In addition to her own music, Fish has also collaborated with other CBG players, such as Shane Speal, and has been a vocal advocate for the instrument. She has spoken about the importance of preserving traditional folk instruments like the CBG and has helped to introduce the instrument to a wider audience through her performances and recordings.

Overall, Samantha Fish is a skilled and innovative CBG player who has helped to bring the instrument into the spotlight of the modern blues scene. Her use of the CBG adds a unique and authentic element to her music, and she is a respected figure in the CBG community.

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