Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson is an accomplished musician who is known for his skills on a variety of instruments, including the cigar box guitar (CBG). He is a popular performer and recording artist who has gained a large following for his innovative and soulful approach to the CBG.

Johnson began playing the CBG in the early 2000s and has since become one of the instrument’s most well-known advocates. He has released multiple albums featuring the CBG, including “Smoke & Mirrors” and “Drivin’ it Down.” His music draws from a wide range of influences, including blues, rock, and Americana, and he is known for his powerful and emotive playing style.

In addition to his music career, Johnson is also an educator and has released instructional materials for the CBG, including online courses and lesson books. He has also been involved in the production of CBGs, working with companies such as CB Gitty Crafter Supply to develop new and innovative designs for the instrument.

Overall, Justin Johnson is a highly skilled and influential CBG player who has made significant contributions to the instrument’s popularity and development.

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